Fix and Flip Financing

Financing to help you maximize your Flip.  Simple solutions may allow you to obtain 100% financing including your renovation budget!  Find out how!

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Renovate 2 Rent Financing

Financing your rental portfolio when your strategy is to find 'em, fix'em and then finance 'em with long-term leverage.  Find out how our 2 step process will help maximize your cash on cash return and expand your rental portfolio today!

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Rental Property Financing

If your strategy is to buy "rent-ready" or if you already own rental properties, find out which programs fit your needs best to maximize your leverage and best cash on cash returns and potentially expand your rental portfolio!

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RE Investor Loan Solutions

What I Do:  I’m a Private Money Lender for Real Estate Investors.  Whether you are “fixing to flip” or “renovating to rent” we provide the short-term financing that best fits your needs. I’m also a Mortgage Broker, we help investors and home-buyers navigate the financing process and find the best home loan options to meet their long term financial goals.

Why IT Works:  I’ve spent 32+ years in the financial lending arena as a Mortgage Broker/Owner, Vice President of a Fortune 500 Lender, Business Owner and Real Estate Investor.  The wealth of experience I have obtained in these fields and challenges of obtaining financing personally means I understand the needs of my clients better than anyone else.  As a Private Lender, Mortgage Broker, Business Operator, Real Estate Investor and Note Investor, I am able to integrate my hard-won, battle tested industry knowledge and access to strategic programs and processes to ensure my clients achieve their goals and desired outcomes in Real Estate & Business.

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Next Steps...

How IT Works:  The First Step is to schedule a complimentary call to discuss your personal goals and current situation.