Our Philosophy

Investing in Residential Real Estate is a game of chess, not checkers.   We look at all the variables and think 2 or 3 moves ahead to make sure you have the right financing in place for the right property.  Whether your'e a flipper looking to increase the number of flips or simply wan to be more profitable.  Or if you're a  Long-Term investor looking to build a cash-flowing rental portfolio or build more equity- we have the right advice and right loan program for you!

Our Story

After 25+ years in the "traditional mortgage lending box" I was introduced to Private Lending for Real Estate Investors who wanted to operate a business as a flipper or a long-term investor.  I had owned rental properties before, but never before had I used private lending to purchase and renovate a house.  Ureka!  I renovated 6 houses in the first year and experienced every range of emotion in the process...but never turned back.  I continue to "Flip" houses and "Renovate 2 Rent" as well as use my lending expertise and experience to help others find their path to successful real estate investing.


Meet Mike...

Mike Updated Picture

Mike Grandjean

Founder & Managing Director

I’ve spent 25+ years in the financial lending arena as a Mortgage Broker/Owner, Vice President of a Fortune 500 Lender, Business Owner and Real Estate Investor.  The wealth of experience I have obtained in these fields and challenges of obtaining financing personally means I understand the needs of my clients better than anyone else.  As a Private Lender, Mortgage Broker, Business Operator, Real Estate Investor and Note Investor, I am able to integrate my hard-won, battle tested industry knowledge and access to strategic programs and processes to ensure my clients achieve their goals and desired outcomes in Real Estate & Business.

Next Steps...

The First Step is to schedule a complimentary call to discuss your personal goals and current situation or Simply Complete an application to become pre-approved for your next project.